celestial voyeur

when i love you,
i love you
like i breathe

when i kiss you,
i kiss you
like it’s my last
          ablaze and

and when i make love to you,
it is so passionate
i make the stars want to tear a hole in the roof
just to watch


October 29, 2018

days like today

on days like today,
the ones where the sun rises
first thing in the morning,
i find myself waking
amidst thoughts of you
the heat of your skin
a beating furnace
warming mine

on days like today
when the air is clouded with oxygen
i need you
head buried
breathing me in
your compulsory life force

sometimes i miss you so much
i feel its presence
like an ache in my bones
and sometimes i crave you
with an insatiable appetite

but only on days like today


October 23, 2018

i’m not very good at this

my lips are cemented together
like i’ve just eaten a peanut butter and marshmallow sandwich
a sugary glue
keeping the words
stuck to the roof of my mouth

and while i try to scrape the letters
off with my tongue
they keep getting jumbled
so instead of
        falling in love
all i can manage to talk about is
        filling a novel


October 8, 2018

where does the time go?

i don’t know
but i wish i could sneak away
and find it
a place where i imagine the memories
line shelves like leather bound books

i would trace their spines
with my fingers
as i walk the aisles
in no hurry to leave
drinking in each moment
lingering on my favorites

i would study every handprint
left on my skin with a magnifying glass
and replay every secret desire
whispered against my ear
memorizing the nuances in your voice
               did it catch as my fingers
               trailed the inside of your leg?

i would count every orgasm
and every “i love you”

i would read
               and reread
each chapter

just to pass the time
until we write the next

June 21, 2018


it never takes long
after walking out the door
before the oxygen evaporates
and my heart slows
the heat of your kiss
still burning my lips
and fingerprints still visible
on my skin
i pull out my phone
just to tell you
i miss you
even though
those words somehow
just don’t seem like
to express how
i am
for you


March 22, 2018

you know what i mean?

when i am around you
my mouth loses its eloquence
and my words begin to resemble
a lovesick teenager
with all my parenthetical
(i miss yous)
and secretly coded ellipses
that really mean…
i want you.
declarative sentences hide
behind batting eyelashes
and meandering verbiage
i end sentences
without completing a thought
hoping my you know what i mean?
is enough for you to  
know what i mean
and that’s on a good day
because sometimes
you look at me
and my tongue becomes
like that kid on A Christmas Story
so i stand here
with my tongue stuck to a pole
and my heart pouring out the
sides of my mouth
in run on sentences
with way too many adjectives
and an occasional
interjected moan
hoping you can translate
my disjointed dialogue
into the only concise thought
that permeates my brain

I love you.

September 30, 2017




bodythe room darkens
as my senses decrease
by one
and the others
cool metal against my wrist
sends chills down my spine
and hot breath on my neck
sets my insides on fire
your lips brush mine
as i taste a mixture of
a cinnamon mint
and my own
and the only sound i hear
is my breathy voice
begging for


September 5, 2017