when i am with you
i lose all power
in my attempt to be sexy
my moans fill the room
with raspy little whimpers
not in the loud high pitched way
that women sound in the movies
rather in the involuntary way
that comes with pleasure
and they mix with the deep
hungry sounds
rumbling from your chest
your body moves
in all the right ways
and i feel the pressure
inside of me building
before the world turns
suddenly white
and i open my mouth
but nothing comes out
except a quiet euphoria


December 26, 2016

you are no drug

loving you
is not like a drug
i do not chase you
like a high
that never measures up
to the first time
i don’t know about you
but our second kiss
took my fucking breath away
and somewhere along the way
i lost count
but by now
we must be in the thousands
–maybe more
and every
i am knocked to my knees
the moment your lips touch mine
and when you pry them apart
with your tongue
i doubt the existence
of my next breath
so, no my love
you are no drug
but somehow
i am addicted
just the same


December 26, 2016


countless words are spoken every day
out of habit

i miss you
i love yous
repeated so frequently
they become no more than a collection of sounds

but i want you to know
when i leave your arms
and immediately say
i miss you
–i am not being coy

i miss the sound of your voice
the second you stop speaking
i miss the way you look at me
as you are turning your head
i miss your touch
even when the heat from you
still lingers on my skin

you see,
there’s no holding back
with you
my repeated sentiments
are not spoken out of habit
they are spoken
because they cannot be contained
just like the list of things i love about you
that daily rolls off my tongue

i love your
(when it is kissing my own
and when it’s telling about your day)
and hands
(when they are caressing my cheeks
and when they’re tearing off my clothes)
and heart
(when it’s telling me all the things
and reaching out and grabbing my own)

you see,
i love you

December 15, 2016