i don’t know if you truly
the effect you have on me
and, i don’t think i can
accurately articulate
it either
at least,
not without sounding
(i can hear my college professor now,
scolding me for sounding so shallow)
i could speak of
sounding more alive
and awakened senses
and while it’s the truth
my carefully chosen words
still would not do it
i could talk about
the chills you cause
but, of course, you can
see and feel them
every time you touch me
i could describe
the sheer giddiness
the mention of your name brings
but again,
that’s all over my face
maybe, in this case,
words cannot capture
my message
and perhaps, for once,
i agree that my words
are not good enough
so rather than continue in this
hopeless endeavor
of explaining the
consequence of your kisses
i will do the
only other thing
i can think of
and offer you one
so you can experience it too


March 21, 2013

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