i didn’t mean to but

i have fallen in love with you
the sound of your voice
the way you call me
how it so
rolls off your tongue
and the shape
of your lips
with each syllable

i am in love
with your skin
more specifically
the way it feels
when it’s pressed
against mine
and the way your
trace the side of my face
before you kiss
my lips

i think
somewhere along the way
while trying to remain upright
and in the shallow water
i unintentionally
dove off the deep end
and fell in love
with all these
little things about you

the way your breath
changes when i come close

the way your hands
hold my head up
to reach your lips
as your body is on mine
like a shield from
the outside world

the way you use
possessive pronouns
as you enter my body
and the way
feels like home

i’m not sure when
it began
or if you can even label
a starting point

i’m not sure if it was
or all at once

but somewhere along the way

i fucking fell

November 25, 2015

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