the morning

i awake in a tangle of
sheets and limbs
your legs entwined in mine
your strong arm across my stomach
and your hand resting
on my chest
a sleepy smile finds my lips
as i open my eyes
and find you watching me sleep
we lie in perfect silence
with our eyes locked
enjoying this moment
of just being
taking slow deep breaths
of the same air
as the memories of last night
begin to replay in our minds
we became explorers
of each other’s bodies
with kisses that
never ceased
and hands that
never tired
as we made love
more passionately
not once or twice
but countless times
we called each other’s name
as our bodies
trembled in sync
and then i slowly close
the space between us
never breaking your stare
until my lips and tongue
find your ear
and you hear nothing
but my heavy breathing
which must send you
over the edge
in one swift movement
i find myself
once again
under your body
and you devour
every inch of me
as if you are starved of a passion
that only  i can


April 14, 2013


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