the truth

in a sea of people
my eyes search for yours
(as they always seem to do)
and for a brief moment
they meet…
and the world ceases to spin
i push my luck
and continue to hold your stare
how long until someone
sees straight through me?
one mississippi
two mississippi
three mississippi
four mississippi
five mississippi
and in reality
no one noticed
but i feel the
yearning and desire
is scribbled all over my face
dripping from my lips
(lips that want to be
smashed against yours)
and reflecting in the pools
of my brown eyes
i look away
and earth returns
to spinning wildly
on its axis
my hand has to reach for
a nearby table
to steady my shaken body
so many things could
make this easier
less complicated…
more convenient…
for example
no, not actually having it
(well, maybe having it)
but it that’s all this was–
purely physical
no emotions
but it’s not
just sex
just physical
not even close
it’s something else
something amazing
wrapped in layers of
my heart
that you stole
and hid
and tied up with
all sorts of emotions
of bliss
and conectedness
there are countless
other things
that would uncomplicate
our relationship
(is that what this is?)
but i’m going to be honest
because i’ve always
promised the truth
i don’t want
or easy
i want a
earth stopping…


May 13, 2013

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