scenic route

starting at my knee
you trace a
and stare into my eyes
i think you must enjoy
watching me struggle
to find my next breath
because your finger
is taking the scenic route
along the back of my thigh
making it impossible
to exhale (or inhale?)
my body seems to have forgotten
which one it was on
sensing my need
      or maybe experiencing one of your own
you break our gaze
and pull my lips to yours
offering me the oxygen
that you are to me
and i hear you moan
an i love you
into my mouth
      or maybe that was me
March 29, 2017

why i can’t sleep

i close my eyes
and am met with memories
of another darkened room
the air clouded with
whispered demands
and safe words
that never passed my lips
with no light
you navigated my body
by touch
fingertips teasing
and leading the way
for teeth and tongue
your hungry mouth
tasting my body
inch by sensitive inch
as i gripped a fistful of sheets
and your hair
when the orgasms you commanded
shook through my body
and when only my heavy breaths
and pounding heart
echoed around us
i kissed a trail
down your delicious body
worshiping you
with my tongue
and lips
before climbing atop
in a brief moment of control
and desire
for you to claim
once again
that which is already


March 12, 2017

late night conversations with the moon

there is something different
in the way that you touch me
and i have spent so many hours
trying to put my finger on it
i have had late night conversations
with the moon
listening to his lovesick ramblings
about the sun
and trying to put into words
how your hand on me
touches more than just skin
he speaks of the heat he feels
in the presence of his love
and the cold darkness of her absence
i just nod in agreement
because no better words can describe

March 11, 2017


in a way
i consider myself
a connoisseur of words
and i am constantly amazed
at how the same
twenty six letters
can combine
in so many different patterns
forming love letters
and death threats
i don’t know
if this is a common thing
but I have always had my favorites
words I like
because of the way
they taste in my mouth
and muse
are sweet and linger
on my tongue
but i have found nothing
that compares to the word
as it rolls off your tongue
in a hoarse whisper
directly into my ear


March 1, 2017