celestial voyeur

when i love you,
i love you
like i breathe

when i kiss you,
i kiss you
like it’s my last
          ablaze and

and when i make love to you,
it is so passionate
i make the stars want to tear a hole in the roof
just to watch


October 29, 2018

days like today

on days like today,
the ones where the sun rises
first thing in the morning,
i find myself waking
amidst thoughts of you
the heat of your skin
a beating furnace
warming mine

on days like today
when the air is clouded with oxygen
i need you
head buried
breathing me in
your compulsory life force

sometimes i miss you so much
i feel its presence
like an ache in my bones
and sometimes i crave you
with an insatiable appetite

but only on days like today


October 23, 2018

i’m not very good at this

my lips are cemented together
like i’ve just eaten a peanut butter and marshmallow sandwich
a sugary glue
keeping the words
stuck to the roof of my mouth

and while i try to scrape the letters
off with my tongue
they keep getting jumbled
so instead of
        falling in love
all i can manage to talk about is
        filling a novel


October 8, 2018