you smell like
     baby, come close
     and sex on crumpled sheets

you look like
     don’t close your eyes
     and a full moon so close you could touch it

you taste like
     may i have seconds
     and licking the ocean off my lips

you sound like
     look at that
     and muffled moans into my thigh

you feel like
     never let go
     and goosebumps racing up my arms


March 30, 2019

I want to see the world with you

i want to experience
a strange city with you
to discover secret places
where no one can find us
i want to walk with you
holding hands
in a foreign rain
i want to introduce our taste buds
to new flavors
and kiss you on the street
with a name we can’t pronounce
i want to watch the sun set
over a new horizon
and make love to you
on hotel sheets

i want to see the world with you


March 29, 2019

let me

let me love you
the way a man should be loved
fierce like a summer storm
but tender
as the heat
rising from the dirt

let me devour you
with kisses
intoxicating you with desire
and healing you with my touch

let me map your body
tracing your skin
and west
feasting on the salt of your earth
and drinking from your rivers

let me open myself up
and swallow you
i will protect your heart
and if you let me
i will show you a love
that will take your fucking away


March 28, 2019


you found me
a million tiny pieces
i had been
taping together
for so long
i thought i was whole
but then
you came along
with your history books
reminding me
how people actually
worship ruins
and with your
artisan hands
you shaped my
broken pieces
something beautiful


March 27, 2019

because of you

i now make my morning coffee
with a french press
because the way you kiss my inner thigh
taught me
that the best things
are worth waiting for
i hold my head up
when i walk into a room
because even when i am
on my knees
you like for me  to
look you in the eyes
and thanks to the way
you hold my face
when i try to look away
as you speak of my beauty
i am comfortable
in my own skin


March 10, 2019



tonight i am wishing
on the stars in your eyes
and the eyelash
that has fallen onto your cheek
the one i kiss away

they say you shouldn’t voice your
but my eyes
have always spoken volumes
so i fear the minute
you take my chin in your fingertips
and raise my eyes
to yours
every wish
and desire
will spill out
in run on sentences
without taking a breath


March 10, 2019