when you read my poetry
you are holding my heart
in your hands
my unrhyming lines
beating an unsteady rhythm
against your palm
and as you flip through my pages
know that you are skimming
my brain
peeking at all of the hidden parts
of my soul
so please keep your fingers together and
try not to let the small broken pieces
slip through
and fall to the ground

December 31, 2019


she may love you
but it will never be like
i love you
she might learn to swim
in the oceans
of your eyes
in ways that i never did
but that is only because
i let myself
while she floats on your surface
with a graceful ease
i have seen your depths
the underneath parts
and as my hands learned to
feel their way around
i fell in love with
your darkness


December 31, 2019



i should have kept them

i always promised
that i would never take
a single second with you
for granted
and i never did
even in the moment
i knew how special
each passing one was
but i am realizing
that it was the inbetween moments
that i didn’t treasure enough
those are the ones
that sneak up
out of nowhere
and steal my breath
for example:
i didn’t realize how much
i would miss
waking up in the morning
and my first thought being about
opening my eyes
and knowing i am loved
that i am someone’s muse
had i realized
i would have kept each waking thought
in my bedside drawer
or tucked them under my pillow
one by one
they vanished
like the december morning fog


December 31, 2019

there are galaxies within her

she falls asleep
with the taste of stardust
on her tongue
and the possibility of
a thousand unfinished poems
dancing at the edge of her dreams

and with the moon shining through her eyelashes
casting shadows on her cheek
she does not long for the sun
or crave his heat
because within her
an authentic soul radiates
warming her skin
like the fall rays
that stream through bare branches
just to rest on her face and hair

and while part of the sun
will always live within her
she is falling in love
with the night
and all it’s unknown constellations


December 30, 2019