when i say i miss you

when i say
    i miss you
it is not a coy goodbye
like a heart shaped period
at the end of my sentence
it is not something
i whisper out of habit
before hanging up the phone

when i say
    i miss you
i mean that
your absence is palpable
and painful
i mean that
when you’re not
within arms reach
i can think of nothing else
but your touch

when i say
    i miss you
i mean that
without you
my lungs find it hard to breathe
and my heart can’t keep a steady beat

when i say
     i miss you
i also mean that
     i want you
     i need you
     i love you


April 3, 2017

scenic route

starting at my knee
you trace a
and stare into my eyes
i think you must enjoy
watching me struggle
to find my next breath
because your finger
is taking the scenic route
along the back of my thigh
making it impossible
to exhale (or inhale?)
my body seems to have forgotten
which one it was on
sensing my need
      or maybe experiencing one of your own
you break our gaze
and pull my lips to yours
offering me the oxygen
that you are to me
and i hear you moan
an i love you
into my mouth
      or maybe that was me
March 29, 2017