sleep is playing keep away
from my tired eyes
i won’t complain though
because even the best dream
will never measure up
to my memories of you
enveloping me
in your embrace
your eager hands up
and down my back
in my hair
even (and this was breathtaking)
on my face
your lips
soft and questioning
at first
as if to ask
is this okay?
then, within a matter of breaths
we became two parched souls
our thirst for each other
only quenched by
one more kiss
trembling (at least i was)
we forced ourselves apart
but as you know
this didn’t last long

March 20, 2013

Apparently, I like Science

Did you know there’s a science
behind the kiss?
Yes, actual research.
It even has a name:
For instance,
scientists have determined that it
requires the use of thirty four facial muscles.
Although, when I kiss you
I feel every muscle
in my entire body
That’s not all.
Experts also say
we kiss because our lips
and tongues
are full of sensitive nerve endings.
I may not have a PhD
but I could have told you that.
I experience
and chemistry
and all sorts of other scientific reactions
each time our
lips brush
maybe brush isn’t the best word…
More like crash.
They have also found
it increases heart rate
and blood pressure
breathing deepens
and thoughts retreat.
No shit.
Excuse my language,
but that’s a given, right?
I feel the need to physically
hold my heart
in my chest
if your lips are anywhere in the
vicinity of mine.
They’re a magnet
drawing me in.
There’s this other study
that states sixty six percent
of women lose interest
after the first kiss.
I must fall in the minority
my distracted mind
can think of nothing else.
Furthermore, research has been
on what it means
if you tilt your head
or right
I don’t know about all this…
The moments I spend kissing you
are a blur.
And I cannot tell you
which direction I tilt my head
or exactly what muscles are in use,
even though I have relived them
and over
in my head.

Maybe this will require
further experimentation.

March 18, 2013


you’re standing so close
trying to explain something
i don’t know what it is
you’re saying
because your words are
drowned out
by heart beats in my ears
you reach forward
to point out something
i think
(damn my one track mind)
your arm brushes
mine and scorches
my skin
even through our shirts
i smile and nod
and continue to pretend
to care more about the words
coming out of your mouth
than the shape of them
but, i can’t help contemplating
how they would feel
how they would move
how they would taste
pressed against mine
i force myself to
move my stare from your
beautiful mouth
to meet your dark eyes
but this does not help
my hopeless situation
because they are
piercing through me
and for a moment
i am afraid that the
throaty moan
that has been trapped
finally escaped the confines of
my parting lips
but you are still talking
and so am i
yet the context of our conversation
seems like a charade
or a cover up
for the dialogue that is occurring
between our eyes and
yearning bodies
at least i think you feel it too
because i swear that i just heard
your breath quicken
and almost catch
when i casually (but deliberately)
touched your arm while
laughing at your joke
i probably shouldn’t have
but i honestly couldn’t help it
my reaction to you
is a reflex

March 16, 2013