there are certain times of the day
that i think of you
when thoughts flood my brain
occupying every available space
a tidal wave
filling every room

for instance
as i wake
even before i open my eyes
my fingers run down my body
and for that moment
my hand becomes your hand
a left over piece of my dream

as i pour my first cup
of steaming coffee
i become instantly jealous
of the cup that is
at this moment
kissing your sleepy lips
and the caffeine that is rousing you

a shower doesn’t help
because thoughts of you come as fast
as the soapy rivers cascading
down my body
like the trails left behind
by your mouth

you see, all day i break the monotony
with scenarios that would make you
each desk
makes its way into my newest fantasy
and each wall
becomes one i want to be
pushed against
under your hands
and lips

and while lying in bed
i begin to replay
my favorite moments
like worn out tracks
on a record
lulling me to sleep

the look in your eyes
and your hands in my hair
as you slide over my lips

or my body underneath
your fingers and hands
claiming me as your possession

your hand over my mouth
muffling my whimpers
protecting our noises
of shared passion

and as i finally drift off to sleep
it is you
who is waiting for me
on the edge of my dream
holding out your hand


September 16, 2015