an original

she’s the kind of girl
who looks down
when you tell her she’s beautiful
and turns away
if you catch her staring
her hair is always tangled 
at the end of the day
and she knows how to smile
through the pain
she’s all too familiar
with the feeling of tears
running into her ears
because she only lets herself
cry in the dark
she will laugh at all of your jokes
and cares a little too much
about everything you say
she will love you
with every inch of flesh
inside of her
and will sit outside with you at night
just to watch the
moon and stars
she will fall asleep
at three am
with a book in her hand
and will leave your tshirts
with a faint scent of vanilla
she’s the kind of girl
who will give you her heart
without expecting anything in return
and one day
if you’re not careful
you will look back and realize
damn, she really did love me


December 21, 2019