i crave to be known
by only one name
and so
i lie still on the bed
waiting for Him
i hold my breath
as i hear Him approach
and gasp sharply
when His finger traces my
aching body
i feel His presence
against my lips
without hesitation
i open them
as if welcoming Him home
take more of me
He says with a guttural moan
and presses further in
the dam breaks
between my legs
but i know
it is not yet my turn
He grabs my hair
overcome by His desire
He takes what He needs
which is me
His hand finds my neck
and tenderly fingers
the delicate chain around it
the chain that binds me
to Him
the one that says i am only His
such a good girl
He whispers
this time softer
i cannot stand
the emptiness i feel
when He is not inside of me
take all of me
i beg
and He does
entering my body
a shrine that exists
only for Him

February 15, 2016