if these four walls could talk…

i’m far more interested in
the stories that could be told
by this crumpled pile of sheets

would they be filled with lines
about the positions we slept in
(or didn’t sleep)

would each wrinkle
describe a different sound

my moan as your tongue found
the places that make me shiver

or the secret words
meant only for me
whispered in my ear

would the way they are spilling
over the edge of the bed
form paragraphs made of new words
(because i have found none
in the dictionary that are
strong enough)
accounts of our passion

would they mention
the strength in your hands
or the softness of my skin
or how they balance each other

would they scream
or whisper
as they mentioned how i bit my bottom lip
and arched my back
as you nibbled my skin

would they blush as they told
the story of us

November 2, 2015