last night

icy air painted wintery designs
on the windows outside
but somehow
on the table between us
a tiny flickering candle
warmed the entire room
maybe it was your smile
the small one in the dim light
the gentle curve
at the edge of your lips
in the middle of your stories
or it could have been your eyes
because there was definite heat
in the way you looked at me
as you introduced new foods
to my tastebuds
the air between us burned so much
that i wondered if the tiny handful
of other diners
consumed in their own tabbouleh
and conversation
could feel it too
as the look we shared
ignited memories of an hour before
entwined legs
and white sheets
did they shed their jackets
and ask for a refill of water
when we remembered
our skin melting together
amidst devouring kisses
and my moans
my body could have still been
radiating residual heat
from the sensations
of you inside it
without worries
or cautions
just us
making a love that could
melt glaciers
i wonder if the restaurant turned icy
when we left
because even though we could see our breath
when you kissed me
against the car
i realized
the heat had followed us out



March 3, 2019