the point of no return

once i tasted you
i instantly knew
there would be no going back
the flavor of you
was ingrained in my mind
and i would never be able
to return to a time
that i did not
eatsleepbreathe you

since you
i think of nothing else
and i am no longer surprised
when i wake
(out of breath)
to thoughts of you
on top of
(or underneath)
my body

i could start fires with
the feelings that overtake my mind
and body
while i lay in bed
counting the scenarios
I want to repeat
like sheep:

  1. your tongue
    exploring the hidden places
    of my body
  2. my lips
    stretched around
  3. hands gripping my hips
    as you push into
    my body

and from now on
when my brain says
you could fall…
but what if…
my heart tells it to
shut the fuck up

and jump

November 9, 2015