you should have sold tickets
hung up posters
your great magic act
the grand finale
a disappearing act
never thought possible
just think of the crowd
it would have drawn
you could have made it all
told the audience to
not blink their eyes
to watch me closely as you
whispered those words in my ear
the ones where you unloved me
then with a flick of your wrist
maybe a “ta-da” just for flair
they could witness
for the first time
a vanishing
no smoke and mirrors needed
no slight of the hand
wanted to unwanted
desired to undesired
special to unspecial
loved to…
well, you get the point
apparently magic words do exist
and they are not child’s play
i wish abracadabra worked
i wish it could fix the emptiness
reassemble the broken
but there was no act two
no encore
like when the beautiful lady
gets her legs back
i just stood there
while the audience gathered their
uneaten popcorn and dog-shaped balloons
unable to make eye contact
with the one person on the stage
awkwardly not knowing
which way to exit
no longer the beautiful lady


December 3, 2019