countless words are spoken every day
out of habit

i miss you
i love yous
repeated so frequently
they become no more than a collection of sounds

but i want you to know
when i leave your arms
and immediately say
i miss you
–i am not being coy

i miss the sound of your voice
the second you stop speaking
i miss the way you look at me
as you are turning your head
i miss your touch
even when the heat from you
still lingers on my skin

you see,
there’s no holding back
with you
my repeated sentiments
are not spoken out of habit
they are spoken
because they cannot be contained
just like the list of things i love about you
that daily rolls off my tongue

i love your
(when it is kissing my own
and when it’s telling about your day)
and hands
(when they are caressing my cheeks
and when they’re tearing off my clothes)
and heart
(when it’s telling me all the things
and reaching out and grabbing my own)

you see,
i love you

December 15, 2016