unspoken words

there are things
that we do not say
we dance around
certain words
like they are fire
they pile up in our mouths
and spill out of the corners
of our lips
underneath the
and gasps

we seem to have developed
a code
a way of speaking
the unspeakable

you love the way i move
and kiss
and consume
your every thought
you love
my body
my mind

don’t these parts equal
my whole?
don’t they make up

your voice may not
speak this
but your mouth screams it
into mine
every time you kiss me
like my lips are
the last remaining source of

i’d like to add a
post script to this poem
an extra lime
for you to read
whenever you are ready
to hear those
unspoken words

i love you
and i have
for some time

May 12, 2015