I love you in
stanzas and lines
with words that don’t rhyme
and i’s I forget to dot
I love you on the paper
hidden away in a notebook
that my pen dances across
through metaphors and wordplay

I love you in the shape of a star
just not the five-pointed kind
like the ones you trace on my skin
connecting freckles
and goose bumps

I love you quietly
and loudly
in gasps and moans
racing heart beats
and trembling hands
that are held together above my head
through hushed orgasms
that crash with the frequency
of waves

I love you in secret smiles
you’ll never see
and breaths that catch
in my throat
as I read your words of desire
in a crowded room

I love you with my
hair a little messier
lace a little wetter
and heart a little fuller


February 23, 2017