i think the kiss
is the most passionate exchange
that exists between two bodies–

let me explain.

it is more than your two lips
finding mine
landing perfectly

it is finding the one mouth
that–with its touch–
stirs my entire being

it is not just your tongue
that enters my mouth
but your soul that
you breathe into me

and it doesn’t matter
if it’s short
a period at the end of my
or if it’s drawn out
like a well placed ellipses
leaving me begging for the next

i feel them all
from the tingle on my lips
as you pull away
to the pit of my stomach
filled with both a
complete bliss
yet an empty ache
longing for your lips
to be back where they

your kiss
is not breathtaking–

because that word is not
strong enough

it is like you
rip the breath
from my fucking

you steal it
with no intention
of return

September 17, 2015